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BrightSparks 4kids REK-A

our products

All BrightSparks products have been specifically designed to be durable and hard wearing for the classroom environment. They are also ideal for all ages and abilities.

Each component module is easy to use and clearly displays its component name and electrical circuit symbol.

For safety, all products are CE & UKCA approved they are also RoHS compliant.

'Simply Plug & Play'

Supporting Videos & Resources

To support teaching and learning, we have a developed a wide range of easy to follow resources. Our 'Introduction to Electricity & Renewable Energy Teaching guide PDF' is supplied FREE with each kit. We also have supporting videos that follow each activity covered in the guide available on our You Tube channel. 

Learn step by step how to design and build electrical circuits safely and easily when using BrightSparks 4kids circuit modules. Each video is expertly presented by Paul Cook (RSciTech) and is part of a range of practical activities covered in the  'Introduction to Electricity & Renewable Energy Teaching guide'.

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