An easy to use electricity hand crank complete with 4mm test leads.

Generate your own electricity and feel the energy needed for different devices to operate.



  • Ideal for educational use
  • Easy to operate, simply rotate the handle to genarate electricity
  • Ideal for use with BrightSparks products including Motor Module, L.E.D modules, Buzzer module,Bulb module (6Volts min) 
  • Complete with 4mm flexible test leads (red & black) 
  • Transparent design enables workings to be visible
  • Clockwise rotation =+V output
  • Anticlockwise rotation =-V output
  • Can be used as a generator/dynamo or as an output device and used with battery modules or solar cells. Requires a minimun of 6Volts to operate

Electricity Hand Crank



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