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The Brightsparks4kids Renewable Energy Kit Classpack containing 7 essential component modules and Electricity Hand crank to design, build and understand your own renewable energy circuits. :Each Kit Contains ;
• 1 x Electricity hand crank generator
• 2 x Solar Cells (3Volt 100mA)
• 2 x Bulb modules (Series & parallel investigations)
• 1 x Motor module (Solar type)
• 1 x Buzzer module

• 1 x White L.E.D module
• 8 x Stackable Plug in connecting leads
• 2 x Crocodile adaptor clips for Conductors & insulators experiments
• In-depth Resources CD-ROM with Teaching Guide & printable resources
• Supplied in transparent storage tray & lid for easy classroom management


For example circuits and worksheets, please refer to the BrightSparks 4kids Electricity & Renewable Energy Kit Teaching Guide  supplied with this kit

Stackable classpack of 5 kits. Ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2

REK05 (Renewable Energy Kit x 5)


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