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Understand and build your own Solar powered circuits Convert light energy into electrical energy then use with real world components Find out which components use more power Use the tripod to experiment with cell alignment & shading to see how it affects efficiency Investigate the difference between using components in series & parallel Link components together or use additional components to design more complex circuits Resources CD contains experiments, example circuits and activities All components are durable and securely fixed Each module displays the electrical symbol and the name of each component Simply plug and play. All connections between each module are made by easy to use 4mm sockets and leads Additional modules are also available to accompany the kit



Large Investigations module featuring:

  •  Solar Motor (fitted with safety propeller)
  • White L.E.D
  • Buzzer
  • Positioning tripod
  • 5.5V Solar cell (90mA)
  • Connecting leads
  • Housed neatly in a flip style box
  • Ideal for Key Stages 1 and 2.


For example circuits and worksheets, please refer to the BrightSparks 4kids Electricity & Renewable Energy Kit Teaching Guide  supplied with this kit



Solar Investigations Kit (SIK01)


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